R-30 insulation is standard in every MK home. The R-30 insulation exceeds all building codes related to insulation and is typically more than 4 times the level of insulation of a traditional log home. MK’s standard R-30 wall insulation in combination with a tight thermal envelope, results in homes that are highly energy efficient, putting money back in your pockets to spend on things you actually need.

To further maintain our stance as energy efficiency leader within the log home industry, MK is proud to announce the introduction of the new, patented R-36 wall! As some markets are already moving to a mandatory R-30 insulation level, the R-36 insulated wall was developed to stay ahead of the curve. This new, optional upgrade will allow you to enjoy a superior level of comfort in your home and save you even more money on energy bills. Rest assured that with MK’s proprietary R-36 insulated wall, generations to come will benefit from your smart decision today.


The “R” word used to be one that was avoided in the decision process of a log home but due to the change in building codes, R-values may be a mandatory part of the building process. In short, the bigger the number, the better the insulation effectiveness. In heat and cold, R-value helps to reduce energy costs/consumption. Consult a MK dealer or “Contact Us” to learn how R-values will not only help you reduce your energy efficiency (both in northern and southern climates) but also maintain the value of your home.

Effective insulation (the area of the entire wall or home) in a MK home is generally above R-27, depending on the design (windows bring the effective insulation level down). And every section of the wall is R-30 from the top of the log to the bottom of the log. As you compare, don’t be afraid to ask what the R-value is from the top of the log to the bottom of the log…not just the ‘ideal’ location for the R-value reading. Thermal envelope refers to the thermal insulation within the building enclosure. The purpose of envelope insulation is to provide a continuous thermal barrier to minimize heat flow through the walls, ceiling and floor. The R-30 insulation keeps your home comfortable and reduces costs for heating and cooling. Without a quality level of insulation, whether due to the quality of the insulation itself or its installation, your home will not be as comfortable and energy costs will be increased. MK’s proprietary process ensures the insulation is consistent and maintained throughout the entire height of the log and wall structure. In typical home insulation methods, such as fiberglass batt, the insulation could become compressed or installed with gaps resulting in a loss of energy efficiency.


Because what you see is beautiful… and what you don’t see is spectacular. MK’s team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential construction. We provide homeowners with state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible technology while using cost-effective building methods. Working with stock or custom plans, the team at MK collaborates with you, maximizing your vision and investment, to make your dream home a reality.


Recent studies from the U.S. Department of Energy found that over a third of new homes have lower levels of insulation installed than specified and an additional fifth have serious installation problems that result in significantly decreased effectiveness of the insulation. In addition, virtually all of the homes studied were found to have numerous insulation installation defects that reduce the performance of the insulation well below its rated R-value.


  • Provide a continuous barrier between the inside conditioned space and the outside
  • Be installed to the proper R-value
  • Be installed without gaps
  • Avoid excessive compression
  • Be properly labeled or be proper depth to indicate proper R-value
  • Insulate correctly for the climate in which it is being installed


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