Building a new custom home can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. The MK Team understands this. As a result, we now offer our Custom Home Construction Concierge Service to each and every client. We have construction experts on staff who will customize their services to the individual needs of each client. Simply need logistics and installation information? No problem. Need help locating a qualified General Contractor in your area? Ask us. Need help with terminology and local methodology? Absolutely. The contractor’s bid seems high/low? We can help. We put an expert in your corner who will protect your interests and offer candid, impartial advice.

We specialize in custom homes, therefore, we recognize each project is truly unique. Our clients are guaranteed top level of service, regardless of the scale of the project. From a smaller lakefront cabin to sophisticated architect’s creations, we offer support and advice to help you make the absolute best decisions every step of the way. Our experts are at your disposal to help and guide you so you can make the best investment for you and your family. We can do this together.


Because what you see is beautiful… and what you don’t see is spectacular. MK’s team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential construction. We provide homeowners with state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible technology while using cost-effective building methods. Working with stock or custom plans, the team at MK collaborates with you, maximizing your vision and investment, to make your dream home a reality.


MK’s claim to fame has always been its ability to design and construct some of the most beautiful homes in the world while incorporating a high level of energy efficient, ecological and environmentally friendly homes. With the release of the revamped Construction Concierge Service, we deliver on the higher level of customer service promise. The exclusive Concierge Service is unlike any other, offering a dedicated Project Manager who can and will advise on anything from understanding the terminology to a step-by-step guide of the overall project.

Each client is guaranteed a custom level of service, regardless of the project. “We are proud to offer a professional, knowledgeable, unbiased opinion throughout the entire building process, while reassuring the home owner’s position to make the final decision. Think about it as your own personal guide to your final result. This is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make, and we will be there to make sure each and every step goes as smooth as possible.”


View the MK Homes today, and experience what the best in class looks like.