MK homes are built using genuine stacked construction delivered in a panelized format. Each log is stacked individually, bonded, and thru-bolted together in a controlled environment, eliminating the hassle of assembling logs on-site and saving you a significant amount of time and money.

Every step of the traditional building process is respected, but is combined with a technology that results in a stronger home that requires less maintenance over the years.


Because what you see is beautiful… and what you don’t see is spectacular. MK’s team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential construction. We provide homeowners with state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible technology while using cost-effective building methods. Working with stock or custom plans, the team at MK collaborates with you, maximizing your vision and investment, to make your dream home a reality.


Settling and checking: two words quite often talked about in the log home industry and two common problems with a traditional log home. Settling refers to the shrinking of the logs after the log home is constructed and checking refers to the cracking of the wood as it dries or changes moisture levels. A typical log home will settle as the wood loses its moisture content. During construction, gaps are left between the logs and the windows or doors to ensure these items remain functional or don’t break during the log homes settling process. These gaps allow for air to infiltrate the home and lower the homes energy efficiency. As a traditional log home settles, not only are the windows and doors at functional risk from the wood moving, but other elements such as stairs may have to be adjusted during the life of your home. MK homes are built to withstand harsh environments, from extreme cold to extreme heat. MK’s system will not shrink, expand, warp or check like a typical full log home. Our wood, which is dried to an ideal 8-10% moisture content, combined with our patented assembly design, eliminates the risk of settling and checking associated with most traditional log homes. These two benefits help to protect your investment. A typical kiln-dried log’s moisture content is 20% or higher, the core of the log may contain a much higher moisture percentage depending on the diameter of the log and by the drying method used by the manufacturer.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in both time and money. Make sure you are protecting that investment. Ensure that your home is built with materials and techniques with structural and lasting integrity destined for longevity stability, and efficiency.


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